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Steam “Battlefield 2042” was negatively reviewed on the first day of launch, DICE promised to fix the hovercraft and BUG | 4Gamers

“Battlefield 2042″ (Battlefield 2042) was officially launched on all platforms on the 19th, but the final version of the pre-order players had a week of early access to the evaluation in overseas communities, and now the Steam platform has lifted the ban on comments, and overwhelming negative reviews have been poured into the ” Battlefield 2042.

In less than 12 hours, “Battlefield 2042” received more than 24,000 reviews, of which more than 18,000 were negative reviews, which also made the evaluation status of this game in the Steam store “mostly negative”, and it also made the Reddit forum netizens funny yesterday. The term meme changes the picture becomes a truth.

Looking at the negative reviews, most players are dissatisfied with the traditional battlefield conquest performance, including map design, battlefield balance, or UI/UX and other detailed experiences. Many players even think that the performance of “Battlefield 2042” surpasses “Battlefield” “5” (Battlefield V) is just more impressive on the bad side.

Of course, there are also players who cited some old features that “Battlefield 2042” lacks, such as the most basic observer mode or battle log files.


And in Taiwan’s PTT community, there are also players to listSimilar list, Showing that “Battlefield 2042” seems to fail to meet the expectations of old fans in many ways.

Of course, not long after DICE was launched in the game, the official Twitter quickly made a series of announcements of changes, promising to fix the bugs that many players are concerned about. It also includes the invincible flying weather hovercraft. The LCAA hovercraft will be changed to light-weight afterwards. Armor, health value will also be reduced, of course, other vehicles and BUG will also be corrected.

When “Battlefield 5” was first launched, it also received a lot of backlash from players. However, in September this year, the number of players on Steam rose to nearly 70,000, but I did not expect to receive the same negative reviews in “Battlefield 2042”. Shock.

Of course, whether it is an overseas community or Steam, there are still some players who have confidence in “Battlefield 2042”. For example, the cross-work custom gameplay in the portal mode also brings quite interesting newness. As for whether this game can be used The subsequent updates and corrections to recover the evaluation, all depends on the follow-up efforts of DICE.


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