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The Ministry of Social Development launched the program “My piece“whose objective is to provide economic assistance for the improvement and expansion of women’s homes living in popular neighborhoods.

They may be carried out roof, wall, floor or openings improvement works, interior division, minor plumbing and / or electrical repairs, and home expansion.

The program is financed through the Social Urban Integration Fund (FISU), which is made up of 15% of the Extraordinary Solidarity Contribution to large fortunes and 9% of the PAIS tax.

Minister Juan Zabaleta affirmed that this program represents “a virtuous wheel between the right to housing and habitat and the right to work, because it ignites the consumption of materials in the yards and there are more bricklayers working in the neighborhoods. “

Likewise, the Secretary for Socio-Urban Integration, Fernanda Miño, stated that the program is part of the urbanization of popular neighborhoods. “This program complements the socio-urban integration projects. It is for the house, for families, to divide a room, to change a roof, to be able to solve humidity issues, put floors, change the window, put the door, the electrical connections“, specific.

The national official stated that the program consists of a economic assistance to “improve housing, for projects that have been truncated many times by the economic situation, and more so in this time of pandemic, and with the inability of many of the women of the popular neighborhoods to access credit. That is why this program is directed to them”.

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Attendance is between 100 and 240 thousand pesos

Who is the My Piece plan for?

The initiative is aimed at women, over 18 years of age, Argentines or with permanent residence and residents of popular neighborhoods that appear in the National Registry of Popular Neighborhoods (ReNaBap).

How much is the amount and how is it charged

The assistance, which is between 100 and 240 thousand pesos, is to carry out improvements to the ceiling, wall, floor, interior division openings, minor plumbing and / or electrical repairs, and home expansion.

The payment of the assistance will be through Anses in two installments of 50%. The second after validating the progress of the work through an application on the cell phone.

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Works to improve the ceiling, wall, floors or openings and division of interiors, among others, may be carried out.

Requirements to access the My Piece plan

To access the program, women must have Family Housing Certificate and it is compatible with any other social benefit, but if the progress of the work is not verified “they will be disqualified for new lines of economic assistance.”

The registration system is by entering but if there are more than 25 thousand registered, the selection will be made by lottery.

Also available is the My Piece app to register for the program. It can be downloaded at

The Family Housing Certificate is a document issued by the Anses, which allows those who reside in Popular Neighborhoods to prove their address to any public authority. In this way, they can request services such as connection to the mains water, sewers, electricity, natural gas or transportation.

To apply for the Family Housing Certificate, you must carry out a free and blended process. To do this you need:

  • Have been previously surveyed in your home.
  • One person of legal age per family group.
  • Have CUIL.
  • The certificate can be requested through My Anses, entering with CUIL and Social Security Code.

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