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Reporter Liu Wanxin / Comprehensive Report

The mainland actor Wu Yifan was exposed by the Internet celebrity Du Meizhu about “choosing concubines at the wine table”, deceiving and seduce underage women, and other victims have also come forward to accuse them. Although he completely denied the allegations, he still stopped. He couldn’t help but lose. After the official media CCTV cut him off, his endorsement brand also terminated the contract with him one after another. When some netizens dug up a movie that he starred in Stephen Chow’s production 4 years ago, Master Xing gave him a comment that contrasted with the recent turmoil calling out “Super will see people!”

▲Wu Yifan once starred in “Fun You Fu Yao Pian” produced by Stephen Chow. (Photo/Flip from Douban Movie)

Kris Wu was given the opportunity to appear in the movie “Mermaid” directed by Stephen Chow in 2016, and then he got the opportunity to cooperate with the star master in the film “The Pleasure of the Demon” directed by Tsui Hark and produced by Stephen Chow in 2017. It is reported that the reason why he was able to The protagonist Tang Sanzang was handpicked by Stephen Chow. When asked about his evaluation of Kris Wu during the movie run, Stephen Chow once revealed that “Kris Wu looks innocent, but he is actually very smart. The contrast between the surface and the inside is very big.”

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▲ Stephen Chow’s comments on Wu Yifan 4 years ago were dug up. (Picture/CFP)

Because the Tang Sanzang in Zhou Xingchi’s mind is a very contrasting character, he will match Wu Yifan and even call out “Only Wu Yifan on earth can perform this kind of contrast.” At that time, it seemed that Wu Yifan was highly admired, but with A series of sex scandals have been unearthed recently. Comparing this interview, Wu Yifan has also become a “different appearance” certified by Master Xing. Netizens in mainland China have called out “Zhou Xingchi’s vision is too sharp, and the evaluation hit the nail on the head!” and “Super will see. People” and so on.

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