Steps to download PUBG NEW STATE new version

Many fans of online fighting games are looking for how Download pubg new state game In a safe way, the game begins with a hundred players and ends with the victory of one player or the victory of one team, as the game exporting company has created new maps and very wide and new field lands, which added to the game a lot of fun, excitement and suspense, we show you through the news feed website how to download the game pubg new stat on all mobile devices.

Steps to download PUBG New State game

Dear visitor, you can download PUBG NEW STATEBy following these steps correctly:

  1. First, if your phone is Android, you must open the Google Play Store, and if your phone is an iPhone, you must open the Apple Store.
  2. Then type on the search engine “PUBG New State, the latest version.”
  3. Then click on the word search.
  4. Then you will be shown the official page of the game.
  5. Then click on Download PUBG NEW STATE Latest Version.
  6. Wait for a while until the download and installation is completed on your Android phone or iPhone.
  7. After completing the download and installation process, you can now open the game and enjoy it with all that is new.

Features of PUBG New State 2021

  • The game is closer to reality.
  • Weapons have been developed and new types have been added to the game.
  • In the new game there are drones.

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