Street race with a dozen sports cars in East Flanders: a police inspector was run over

A 23-year-old man was placed on Saturday evening under an arrest warrant for attempted murder by an investigating judge from East Flanders. The individual ran over a policeman in Evergem on Friday evening as law enforcement attempted to stop a street race involving a dozen cars. His driving license was immediately withdrawn for 15 days, as were those of other participants in the race who may have been arrested.

The police noted Friday evening a gathering of ten sports vehicles in a street of Evergem. Motorists then drove at high speed, committing several traffic violations. A police inspector ordered a vehicle to stop. But his driver did not want to comply and continued his flight, during which he knocked down the officer. The latter landed with his chest on the vehicle and was unable to work for five days. The driver was finally stopped. He is a 23-year-old man of Bulgarian nationality who lives in Ghent. His vehicle was seized. He appeared on Saturday evening before the investigating judge in Ghent, who placed him under an arrest warrant for attempted murder and armed rebellion.

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