Students lost again: they have not won 9 games and 365 minutes without scoring goals

Estudiantes lost again in the Professional League cup. This time Aldosivi beat him 1-0 in La Plata, due to Emanuel Iñiguez’s goal in the last play of the first half. In this way he adds 9 games without victories and 365 minutes without scoring a goal. And, worst of all, it still doesn’t show a sign of football recovery

El Pincha had a double-5 pair with David Ayala and Iván Gómez, Darío Sarmiento standing as a winger on the right and Lucas Rodríguez on the left. Diego García alternates with Tití in the football generation. Leandro Díaz is the area striker who moves through the center. It was not the solution and that is why as the minutes went by the coach had to change.

In the first minutes, Estudiantes was slightly superior to his rival. At least he stopped a few meters ahead and tried to always test the goal. That is why he had Leandro Díaz and Diego García as those in charge of doing it.

But at 17 minutes Aldosivi had an unbeatable chance to score the goal. An inattention in the middle and a fault of Guzmán left Federico Andrada hand in hand with Mariano Andújar. Well the archer waiting. The forward took a long time and in the definition, Nazareno Colombo saved the corner.

Five minutes later, in the worst red-haired moment of the game, Sarmiento put in a filtered pass so that Leonardo Godoy appeared on the right. But the laterall bequeathed to the bottom and instead of looking for the middle it finished off the goal. Pocrnijc deflected to a corner.

But the clearest for Pincha was Diego García, who faced the left and tried the far post from the right. The goalkeeper saved when the ball went into it.

In the last play, after a center crossed from left to right, the defensive fragility was in evidence: without relays or marking on each stopped ball, without a command voice or anything. Emanuel Iñiguez appeared from behind, marked by one of the shortest of the team (Diego García) and his head shot ended in a goal. Award to the team that had the most momentum of the two. Punishment of a listless team, without ideas and lost on the field.

For the second half, Leandro Desábato sent Federico González to the court to replace Leandro Díaz. one of the weakest players on the team. Like Martín Cauteruccio, everything indicates that the former striker will not play for a long time in the first team.

The Chavo team did not improve from football, much less emotionally. He remained lost on the field, with an evident lack of tactical order and physically destroyed. His rival, even inferior in names, dominated every play and rhythms of the game.

In the final minutes, due to the physical condition of Aldosivi and a bit of shame shown by the local players, Estudiantes managed the game with good control on the right. Thus there was a goal annulled to Federico González and a heads-up from Godoy that covered the rival goalkeeper.

The Pincha ended with Esteban Obregón, Facundo Romero, Gaspar Di Pizio, David Ayala, Mauricio Guzmán and Nazareno Colombo, all kids from the quarry. If the project had been to bet on them there would not be much to criticize, but having spent so much money in the transfer markets, the failure of professional football is greater.


Students (0): Mariano Andújar; Leonardo Godoy, Mauricio Guzmán, Nazareno Colombo and Nicolás Pasquini; Darío Sarmiento, Iván Gómez, David Ayala and Diego García; Lucas Rodríguez and Leandro Díaz. DT: Leandro Desábato.

Aldosivi (1): Luciano Pocrnjic; Manuel Iñiguez, Jonatan Schunke, Fernando Román; Lucas Villalba; Joaquín Indacoechea, Federico Milo, Francisco Grahl and Milo; Matías Villarreal and Federico Andrada. DT: Guillermo Hoyos.

Goal: PT 46 ‘Emanuel Iñiguez (A).

Changes: ST Federico González for Díaz (E); 14 ’59’ F. Perinciolo by Grahl (A); 18 ‘Gaspar Di Pizio for Sarmiento (E); 25 ‘Franco Romero and Ángel González for Gómez and García (E); 38 ‘Esteban Obregón for Lucas Rodríguez (E); 38 ‘Branco Maido by Milo (A); Felipe Rodríguez by Di Yorio (A).

Admonished: Guzmán (E)

Referee: Fernando Echenique.

Stadium: Students.


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