Students receive Aldosivi in ​​search of their first victory in the Professional League Cup


El Tiburon and El Pincha have already seen each other at the Jose Maria Minella in Mar del Plata. Photo: Diego Izquierdo

Students of La Plata, after the retirement of Javier Mascherano, you will receive Aldosivi for the fourth date of Zone 5 of the Professional League Cup (LPF), in which both will seek to recover.

The Click fell on the last date before Argentines by 1 a 0, and, after the match, the former captain of the Argentine national team announced his retirement from football. Mauricio Guzmán, Nazareno Colombo, Lucas Rodríguez and Darío Sarmiento will replace Boss, Nicolás Bazzana, Ángel González and Martín Cauteruccio.

On the side of Shark, thrashed by San Lorenzo (4-1) in the previous match, Guillermo Hoyos will not be able to count on the midfielder Leandro maciel, injured, and will go out with Francisco Grahl.

On the first date, when they faced each other in the stadium José María Minella from Mar del Plata, Estudiantes and Aldosivi equalized without goals.


La Plata students: Mariano Andújar; Leonardo Godoy, Mauricio Guzmán, Nazareno Colombo and Nicolás Pasquini; Darío Sarmiento, Iván Gómez, David Ayala and Diego García; Lucas Rodríguez and Leandro Díaz. DT: Leandro Desábato.

Aldosivi from Mar del Plata: Luciano Pocrnjic; Nahuel Yeri, Jonathan Schunke and Román; Emanuel Iñíguez, Joaquín Indacoechea, Federico Milo, Grahl and Lucas Villalba; Rodrigo Contreras and Federico Andrada. DT: Guillermo Hoyos.

Referee: Fernando Echenique.

Stadium: Students (La Plata).

TV: TNT Sports.



El Lobo debuted with a victory in the tournament against the Patron (Photo: Télam)

El Lobo debuted with a victory in the tournament against the Patron (Photo: Télam)

Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata, third in the Zone 6, will visit Patronage, last after having lost the three games he played, with the mission of obtaining a victory that allows him to advance in the objective of reaching the Championship Zone of the Professional League Cup.

The match will be played from 19:20 in the stadiumo Presbyter Bartolomé Grella, will be arbitrated by Pablo Echavarría and televised by the signal Fox Sports.

The Lobo suffered a loss last week to Hurricane (3-2) that left him undefeated in the domestic tournament and will try to take advantage of the fact that Entre Rios lost all the games to stay with three points.

If successful, the team led by Sebastian Mendez will displace Hurricane second place in the group by goal difference.

At Pattern, Coach Gustavo Alvarez chose to include three juveniles, Brian Negro, Faustino Dettler and José Barreto, and also rehearsed with income from Damián Lemos and Junior Arias.

Probable Formations

Patronage: Daniel Sappa; Cristian Chimino, Leandro Marín, Brian Negro and Gustavo Canto; Damián Lemos and Dardo Miloc; Lautaro Comas, Junior Arias and Faustino Dettler; Jose Barreto. DT: Gustavo Álvarez.

Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata: Jorge Broun; Leonardo Morales, Paolo Goltz, Maximiliano Coronel and Matías Melluso; Víctor Ayala and Harrison Mancilla; Johan Carbonero, José Paradela and Matías García; Lucas Barrios or Nicolás Contín. DT: Sebastián Méndez.

Referee: Pablo Echavarría.

Court: Presbyter Grella, of the Board of Trustees.

Start time: 19:20.

TV: Fox Sports.



(Photo: TELAM)

(Photo: TELAM)

San Lorenzo, with high spirits after having obtained two consecutive wins, will receive Argentines in a match that may be key in defining the Zone 5.

The Cyclone will be local from 21:30 in his stadium Pedro Bidegain, with the arbitration of Andres Merlos and televising the signal TNT Sports.

Mariano soso was very satisfied with the performance of the team in the triumph of last date over Aldosivi (4-1), therefore he wants to play as little as possible, although the Paraguayan twins will surely return to ownership Angel Y Oscar Romero, absent in Mar del Plata because they played for their country the double date of the South American Qualifiers.

The Animal, meanwhile, you will not be able to repeat the training that passed Students in La Plata with a goal of Damien Batallini, as the center marker was torn Miguel Angel Torrén and will be replaced by the experienced Matías Caruzzo, who will form the pair of defenders with Carlos Quintana.

Probable Formations

San Lorenzo: Fernando Monetti; Gino Peruzzi, Federico Gattoni, Alejandro Donatti and Bruno Pittón; Lucas Menossi and Diego Rodríguez; Mariano Peralta Bauer, Óscar Romero and Juan Ramírez; Angel Romero. DT: Mariano Soso.

Argentinos Juniors: Lucas Chaves; Kevin Mac Allister, Matías Caruzzo, Carlos Quintana and Elías Gómez; Franco Ibarra, Fausto Vera, Iván Colman and Damián Batallini; Edwar López and Gabriel Hauche. DT: Diego Dabove.

Referee: Andrés Merlos.

Stadium: San Lorenzo.

Start time: 21.30.

TV: TNT Sports.

With information from Télam


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