Study: Modena vaccine produces more than twice as much antibodies as Pfizer vaccine | Anue Juheng-US stocks

The new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread globally, and countries are actively promoting vaccination. Some foreign media pointed out that in a study comparing immune response, Modena (MRNA-US) The number of antibodies produced by the vaccine is Pfizer (PFE-US) More than twice the vaccine.

A study of nearly 2,500 personnel in a major hospital in Belgium found that the average antibody level of individuals receiving two doses of Modena vaccine was 2,881 units per milliliter. In contrast, the average antibody level of individuals receiving two doses of Pfizer vaccine It is 1,108 units per milliliter.

Studies have shown that there may be several reasons for the difference. Among them, the active ingredient content in the Modena vaccine is higher, reaching 100 micrograms, compared with Pfizer’s only 30 micrograms. In addition, the interval between administering Modena vaccine is as long as 4 weeks, while the interval between Pfizer vaccines is 3 weeks.

A study by the Mayo Clinic Health System in the United States also showed that compared with Pfizer vaccine, the Modena vaccine can reduce the risk of infection with the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 by a factor of two.

Previous studies have also shown that under the rapid spread of Delta virus, the Pfizer vaccine was only 42% effective against new coronary pneumonia in July. On the other hand, the Modena vaccine is still 76% effective. In preventing hospitalization, the effectiveness of the Modena vaccine is 92%, and that of Pfizer is 85%.

The study pointed out that comparing the data of multiple states including Florida and Minnesota, the data consistently shows that Modena may have a lower risk of breakthrough infection.

However, a person familiar with the matter previously disclosed that the risk of myocarditis in people who received the Modena vaccine was 2.5 times that of the Pfizer vaccine. It is understood that the investigation in the United States is mainly focused on a Canadian study, which shows that men under 30 years of age have a higher chance of developing myocarditis after administering the Modena vaccine.

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