Study reveals AstraZeneca vaccine produces immunity

SPECIAL.- This Monday researchers confirmed that a third injection of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine produces a strong immune response.

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The Oxford University study found that a third dose of the vaccine increases antibody and T-cell immune responses, while the second dose can be delayed up to 45 weeks and also lead to an increased immune response.

Furthermore, the British government has mentioned that it is planning a booster campaign for bvaccine in the autumn, as three-fifths of adults already have both doses.

On the other hand, the director Andrew Pollard of the Oxford Vaccine Group, said that the proof that the vaccine protects against current variants means that such an effort may not be necessary.

“We have to be in a position where we can reinforce if necessary … (but) we have no proof that this is necessary.”

“At this time, with a high level of protection in the UK population and no evidence of it being lost, giving third doses now in the UK while other countries have zero doses is not acceptable,” he told reporters.

In turn, the study showed that the vaccine is more effective when the second dose is delayed to 12 weeks instead of four.

This study was published after analyzing 30 participants who received a late second dose.

“There were some concerns that we would not be able to use this vaccine in a booster vaccination regimen and that is definitely not what the data suggests,” study author Teresa Lambe of the Jenner Institute in Oxford told Reuters.



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