This Wednesday, a large record began to go viral on social networks that shows how ducks can be key in the care of rice crops in Thailand, where there are special poultry farms for this purpose.

This particular example shows how in a field near Bangkok a “Army” of 10,000 ducks to help control insects that can be harmful to crops.

As detailed by the US chain CBS, all of them act in a coordinated manner and aim to devour crickets, snails and other living things that may be a potential hazard in rice fields.

But all this is not counted at random, since in the aforementioned country there are specialized breeders in forming birds that help peasants and farmers in remote areas.

Apiwat Chalermklin, an expert breeder on the subject, stated that it is a very lucrative business in that area, since it allows farm owners to save money.

“So the farmers use less chemicals and the ducks in return kill the pests”, Held.

Chalermklin clarified that the number of ducks to use will depend on how extensive the plantation is and how complex the pest present in the place may be. In the worst case, he clarifies, they could be used about 15,000 birds.

It should be noted that these images were captured by a drone in the area, with the aim of studying the movements of the “hunting ducks”, which are already famous worldwide.