Stylist loses case against singer Aya Nakamura

A stylist, who had sued singer Aya Nakamura for “parasitism”, accusing her of being inspired by her work without her consent in a clip, was dismissed by the Paris court, according to a decision consulted on Tuesday by AFP.

The Parisian stylist Kyo Jino accused Aya Nakamura of having “taken up” in her “Pookie” video the idea of ​​models he had presented to her a few months earlier, including two dresses and a fur, which the singer contested.

He claimed to have transmitted in December 2018 to the interpreter of the tube “Djadja” a “moodboard” (or board of trends) presenting several outfits and that a photo shoot was then organized.

The stylist, who says he worked with artists like rappers Shay and Karris, believed that in the clip released on April 10, 2019, the artist – Aya Danioko in the city – was directly inspired by this work without consulting it. .

Kyo Jino, whose real name is Ibrahim Coulibaly, then expressed his “indignation” on social networks, to which the singer, who denies the accusations, retorted: “If what you say is true, (.. .) file a complaint and we’ll see “.

After having put it in default via his production house Warner Music France, he had taken legal action, asking for 50,000 euros for financial and moral damages.

In her writings, the lawyer for the 25-year-old singer, Cerasela Vlad, notably argued that the comparison between the elements of the “moodboard” and the clip did “not allow” to establish a resemblance “.

On January 15, the court handed down its judgment and dismissed Kyo Jino’s claims, ruling that “the outfits and postures, although inspired by a common universe, present clear differences”.

“The only made for [la chanteuse] adopt outfits of the same style as those suggested by [le styliste] is not enough to establish a recovery constituting a fault “, according to the decision.

The court also underlines that the stylist does not give enough information on the conditions in which the board of trends and the photos were carried out, “in particular as regards a possible consideration”.

The court ordered Kyo Jino to pay the singer 5,000 euros for the damage to her image and reputation and 3,000 euros in legal costs. Aya Nakamura demanded a total of 100,000 euros for various damages.

“Of course we are disappointed,” responded to AFP the lawyer for the stylist, Me Jean-Marc Descoubes. “This is the story of the earthen pot against the iron pot, we do not agree with the interpretation that the court made of the dispute”, he continued, indicating to study the opportunity to appeal.

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