Sudan: failed coup attempt, state media say

#Other countries : A failed coup attempt took place in Sudan early Tuesday, state media reported without identifying the conspirators.

“There was a failed coup attempt, the people must face it,” state media reported.

A government source also confirmed to AFP reports that the conspirators tried to take control of the state media building, but “they failed.”

Separately, a senior military source said a group of officers were “involved in the attempt” but were “immediately suspended”.

On Tuesday, traffic in central Khartoum appeared to be fluid, including around the army headquarters. Sudanese security services, however, blocked the main bridge connecting Khartoum to its twin city of Omdurman, across the Nile.

The coup attempt targeted the Sudanese transitional government set up after the ousting in March 2019 of President Omar al-Bashir, ousted after 30 years of unchallenged rule.

Sudan has been going through a fragile transition characterized by economic difficulties and deep political divisions. In recent months, the government has undertaken a series of difficult economic reforms to qualify for a debt relief program from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

These measures, including the reduction of subsidies and the establishment of a controlled floating of the local currency, were considered too severe by many Sudanese. Sporadic protests have recently taken place across the country to protest against IMF-backed measures and the rising cost of living.


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