Entertainment Suddenly politician? The ex-stripper posts this on Twitter

Suddenly politician? The ex-stripper posts this on Twitter


Cardi B grew up in the Bronx in New York under the name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar as the daughter of a Trinidadian waitress and a Dominican taxi driver. The family didn’t have much money. As a teenager, she worked in the supermarket until she started stripping at the age of 19. At 21, she had already saved more than 20,000 euros. But she not only wanted to be rich, she also wanted to be famous. Therefore, she also published videos of herself on the social media platform Vine. In it, she told everything that occupied her and reached 40,000 followers.

At the age of 23, she stopped stripping when she was offered a role in a reality show. At the age of 24, three years ago, she started her music career as a rapper and landed on the charts with her song “Bodak Yellow”. Since then she has been one of the most famous rappers in the world.

“I think I want to be a politician”

But now she obviously wants to influence the world with more than her music. The 27-year-old surprised her fans and tweeted: “I think I want to be a politician.”

She added, “I think if I go back to school and make an effort, I can become part of the government. I really have a lot of useful ideas. It only takes a few years at school before I can really get wind.” Her fans are less optimistic and advise her to keep rapping.

In another post, Cardi B speaks out against Donald Trump’s decision to spend $ 2 trillion on new military equipment. She tweeted that it didn’t matter how many weapons a country had if there were “no patriots” to fight for it.

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She also believes it is necessary to tighten the weapons law: “I think we have the right to arm ourselves, but I believe that in order to get a weapon, we should introduce a psychological examination, adequate training and a higher minimum age. If the minimum age for alcohol is 21, because these children cannot handle it, how can they … “The end leaves them open, but it is clear what the self-made millionaire wants to say: In the United States, you can have weapons officially only buy at the age of 21, but there are many loopholes. Assault rifles, for example, can be purchased in 43 states from the age of 18, so-called long weapons in Minnesota even from the age of 14.

During her career as a rapper, Cardi B expressed her political opinion several times and supported Democrat Bernie Sanders in his election campaign in 2016. Although her goal has always been to make as much money as possible, she tweeted, “I have no problem paying taxes if I know what my tax money is being spent for. It is sad that we pay as much tax, but do not offer free courses at universities or health care for everyone. “

“Stripping made me feel beautiful”

Cardi’s past as a stripper has never stood in her way. She says about this time in an interview with the “Guardian”: “Many of the women here [in der Stripper-Szene, Anm. d. Red.] taught me to be strong. I developed passion and love for the performances, so to speak. The stripping made me feel beautiful. […] Yes, I am grateful for this chapter in my life. I learned a lot. And I think it made me grow up. “

It remains to be seen whether her past prevents a political career.


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