Sugiez station FR: 15-year-old is hit by train – dead!

The Friborg canton police had to intervene on Friday evening because of gatherings of young people at the Sugiez and Murten FR train stations. First the police had to move out to Murten, as young people had gathered there to quarrel with other young people who were coming on the train from Neuchâtel.

In the end, around 30 young people from Neuchâtel left the train at Sugiez station. In Murten, the preventive presence of the patrols and a police dog made it possible to dissolve the meeting. In Sugiez the Neuchâtel youth were asked to take the next train back to Neuchâtel. Shortly after 8 p.m., while a group of eight people were waiting for the train, a teenager († 15) left the group and headed for the tracks. At this point he did not notice that the TPF train was entering the station and was caught in the front of the train.

The police officers present at the scene of the accident witnessed the accident and immediately provided first aid to the young person under the train. Seriously injured, he was taken to a hospital by the ambulance, where he died as a result of his injuries. The other minors were looked after by the See / Sense Care Team and then handed over to their parents. An investigation has been launched. (wheel)

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