Summary: Chile won three gold points, Rueda stole a draw from Brazil and Argentina thrashed Uruguay

This Sunday, October 10, the fifth date, pending, of the Conmebol Qualifiers for him Qatar World Cup 2022, a day that was marked by the Chile won three gold points, Brazil’s first stumble and Argentina’s victory in the Río de la Plata classic.

The Chilean team was urged to win and achieved a crucial victory over Paraguay 2-0 in San Carlos de Apoquindo, with goals from Ben Brereton and Mauricio Isla.

The national team was eighth with 10 points, above Bolivia (9) and Venezuela (7), rival of the date that will be played on Thursday 14.

For his part, the leader Brazil finished their perfect campaign, drawing goalless with Colombia. In the whole process, it was the first match of the “Scratch” in which he could not win, although the result benefited Chile, since the coffee growers were left with 15 points in fifth place, which gives place to the repechage.

Argentina, second in the table and brand new champion of America, he showed his great moment and with an unappealable 3-0 he beat Uruguay in the “classic of the Río de la Plata”, with goals from Lionel Messi, Rodrigo de Paul and Lautaro Martínez.

With the result, Uruguay came fourth, with 16 points, only six more than Chile, while the Argentines are firm as Brazil guards (28), with 22 points.

Another that stumbled was Ecuador, which surprisingly lost to Venezuela 2-1.

Finally, Bolivia asserted its home and won 1-0 against Peru.

The next date for the Qualifiers will be held on October 14.

Review the results and the table below:

Date 5 of the South American Qualifiers

– Bolivia 1-0 Peru, “Hernando Siles” Stadium, La Paz.

1-0: 83′ Ramiro Vaca (BOL).

– Venezuela 2-1 Ecuador, UCV Olympic Stadium, Caracas.

0-1: 37 ‘Enner Valencia (ECU); 1-1: 45 + 1 ‘Darwin Machís (VEN); 2-1: 64 ‘Eduard Bello (VEN)

– Colombia 0-0 Brazil, “Roberto Meléndez” Metropolitan Stadium. Check the Virtual Bookmark.

– Argentina 3-0 Uruguay, Monumental Stadium, Buenos Aires. Check the Virtual Bookmark.

1-0: 39 ‘Lionel Messi (ARG); 2-0: 43 ‘Rodrigo De Paul (ARG); 3-0: 61 ‘Lautaro Martínez (ARG).

– Chile 2-0 Paraguay, San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium, Santiago. Check the Virtual Bookmark

1-0: 68 ‘Ben Brereton (CHI); 2-0: 71 ‘Mauricio Isla (CHI).


1. Brazil, 28 points (+19)
2. Argentina, 22 (+12)
3. Ecuador, 16 (+7)
4. Uruguay, 16 (0)
5. Colombia, 15 (0)
6. Paraguay, 12 (-4)
7. Peru, 11 (-8)
8. Chile, 10 (-3)
9. Bolivia, 9 (-12)
10. Venezuela, 7 (-11)


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