Summer house of the stars (RTL): Andrej Mangold and Jennifer Lange separated? Insider is now unpacking

Sommerhaus der Stars (RTL): Was there a separation between Andrej Mangold and Jenny? Now a former bachelor friend unpacks and gives an insight into the relationship of the celebrity couple who lost because of bullying advertising deal.

Hanover – It went really well for the native Hanoverian Andrej Mangold (33): National basketball player, “The Bachelor*“2019 at RTL and then the guy looks good too. Unfortunately, everything is just a facade, as becomes apparent after a few hoursSummer house of the stars *“Ought to.* reported.

Andrej Mangold bullies Eva Benetatou to tears in the stars’ summer house.

First, the friend of “The last rose ”winner Jenny Lange (27) with Georgina Fleurs (30) friend Kubilay Özdemir (41, Georgina Fleur and Kubi officially separated * – Brutal billing) before he bullied ex-Betthupferl Eva Benetatou (28) several times to tears. The consequence for the “Summer house of the stars“-Lasper sisters Andrej and Jenny: The influencer couple lost according to media reports numerous promotional deals *.

Was there a separation between Andrej Mangold and Jenny? No, but the two are moving to Mallorca.

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Separation with Andrej Mangold and Jenny Lange? A friend is unpacking

The death knell in the summer house, the one in early October Rating of 2.66 million TV viewers reached, through Arch enemy Eva and Chris, the innumerable hostilities afterwards via social media and the press and the financial losses would – if you believe some RTL viewers – would have been reason enough for a separation between the son of an American mother and the 1.73 meter tall Zumba trainer from Bremen. Is the TV couple separated or are Andrej (Andrej Mangold’s ex-flirt unpacks and finally pulls Bachelor into the abyss) and Jenny still happy? Now a friend of the bachelor’s degree lends a hand out.

Jenny Lange leaves Andrej Mangold’s apartment with a lot of luggage

The stone of the thrust were curious neighbors: Allegedly, the “out of the window” -lookers have observed that Jenny Lange the should have left shared apartment with a lot of luggage. An eyewitness says at “She was standing in front of the door with suitcases and was picked up by a van.“

She was standing in front of the door with suitcases and was picked up by a van.

An observer to about Jenny Lange and Andrej Mangold.

These statements fuel the rumors about the separation between Andrej Mangold and Jenny Lange. Now a mutual friend of the couple unpacks and says: “It is certainly not an easy time for both of them, but a separation was never in the room.” What’s behind the luggage gate: Andrej and Jenny probably traveled to Cologne for further filming for the stars’ summer house. The management also confirmed that there is no separation: “That is absolutely not true.”

Andrej Mangold and Jenny long plan to move to Mallorca

The two influencers have the “Summer house of the stars“-Crisis survived together. The couple should even continue to plan their future together, including moving into their own house in Mallorca, like reported. Andrej Mangold and Jenny Lange will soon be there for “Goodbye Germany” in front of the Vox camera *? The bachelor couple from the “summer house of the stars” is said to be moving to Mallorca. All information about the show at RTL on the Summer House of the Stars theme page at

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