Sun Yunyun is too tempting to be too lazy, and spring is ready to come out-Free Entertainment

Sun Yunyun posted a new bag, carrying Dior’s new Micro Bag series, and wrote: “Such a cute bag” and “Can you love it?” (Taken from IG)

[Reporter Fang Huizong/Taipei Report]Dior launched a new Micro Bag series, reshaped classic bags such as Lady Dior, 30 Montaigne, Dior Caro, Saddle in miniature size, and also let “Taiwan’s No. 1 Lady” Sun Yunyun make a big show on social media This “Xinhuan” reads “Such a cute bag” and “Can you not love it?”; seeing her in a sexy deep-U costume with a lazy posture, showing hot and deep grooves, the spring on her chest is eager to come out, attracting netizens to “croak” Lou” responded: “Spicy”, “Where is the bag? Only the goddess.” Po Wen madly sucked and broke thousands of likes in 13 hours!

Sun Yunyun was dressed in a sexy deep-U outfit and a lazy posture. The netizen “Yilou” responded: “Where is the bag? Only the goddess.” Po Wen madly sucked the number of likes. (Taken from IG)

Dior launched the Micro Bag series, reinventing the classic bag with a miniature size. The picture shows the Lady Dior micro rose pink rattan check pattern lambskin handbag. (Provided by Dior)

Dior has launched two colors of red and black for the Micro Bags series. It also includes warm and soft shades of sunlight, such as rose pink, mint green and misty blue. In addition, the bag design combines functionality and totem, with belts or leather chain straps, to achieve diversified wearing methods, and can also be matched with separately purchased wide embroidered straps.

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