Surface Go 2 tablet: Microsoft’s affordable 2-in-1 alternative

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 tablet computer I tested is well-designed, thin, light (544g) and strong with its magnesium shell and an improvement over the previous Surface Go version.

Immediately, we appreciate the integrated support on the back of the Tablet which allows it to stand in the desired angle without any additional accessories – perfect as an additional screen in the office, a small Internet TV or for displaying a recipe in the kitchen.

As a result, the tablet’s 10.5-inch screen is excellent for viewing content and the dual cameras deliver crisp picture and video quality for conferencing. Good for 10 hours, according to Microsoft, the Surface Go 2’s battery is enough to get away from the nearest electrical outlet.

Microsoft Surface Go 2 Tablet, with Type Cover


Microsoft Surface Go 2 Tablet, with Type Cover

As with Apple mobile products, the unlocking is done by the camera which detects your face.

That said, it is indeed a tablet that we have on hand when the Windows 10 operating system was not originally designed for this kind of hardware with a touch screen.

Microsoft’s Type Cover Keyboard Case

This is where the keyboard case comes into its own. Suddenly, we find his reflexes acquired at the keyboard of a computer. Here, the optional backlit Type Cover keyboard from Microsoft can’t be wider than the tablet, so my fingers get cramped in it and when the keyboard is raised slightly, the lack of rigidity is evident. made felt.

But since the Windows tablet supports the Bluetooth connection, I was able to connect my Logitech K380 wireless keyboard to it without any problem, with which I am used and to which I must add a mouse or a touchpad.

Surface Go 2 tablet: Microsoft's affordable 2-in-1 alternative

While the Type Cover retails for $ 129.99 on Microsoft’s online store, you can find keyboards with or without an integrated keypad like the K380 or K400 for almost $ 50. On the downside to this combination, we lose here the advantage of the small size of the keyboard case.

Similar to Type Covers, major online stores also offer compatible keyboard cases that are cheaper than Microsoft’s.

Go on Intel Pentium 4 and 8 m3 and Go!

While performance is decent, it’s a fair bit with Intel’s venerable Pentium 4425Y and 4GB of RAM. To enjoy this tablet as long as possible, the option of Intel’s m3 processor with 8 GB will ensure sufficient power for all tasks.

There is obviously a cost. From the base model at CA $ 529 (Pentium, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage), the price jumps to CA $ 699 (m3, 8 GB, 128 GB). At the top of the Surface Go 2 range, adding the 4G LTE cellular connection requires a check for $ 989. At this price, Microsoft’s tablet is competing with several even more interesting models, including in its own products.

Two ways to order a Surface Go 2 tablet

On the Microsoft store, pay attention to the section where you get this tablet.

On this page, tablets and accessories are sold separately, while on this one, the Surface Go2 Essentials package must include in addition to the tablet itself the Type Cover keyboard case, the Microsoft 365 suite and a protection plan.

In conclusion, the tablet has on its side a USB-C port and a 3.5 mm audio output and a microSDXC card reader.

With the m3 processor and 8GB of RAM, this Surface Go 2 remains one of the best 2-in-1 tablet version Windows mini-computers on the market.

According to the BGR site, Microsoft is developing a new affordable Surface tablet with a 12.5-inch screen. Interesting!

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