Surgeon mistakenly performed a vasectomy on a 4-year-old boy

The little boy had inflammation in the groin region, so his parents decided to take him to the doctor. After several tests, Dr. Susan L. Jarosz determined that the child had a hernia and could be operated on.

The surgical procedure was performed on August 4, 2021 in the United States. However, during the hernia removal process, the professional also accidentally performed a vasectomy on the 4-year-old, according to her.

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The doctor apologized to the family and explained the consequences of the procedure; however, heThe parents of the little boy sued the doctor and the hospital for more than 250,000 dollars, which would be used in future medical treatments that the child requiresas presented by the same medium.

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“After the operation, the hernia sac was sent to pathology. The pathological report indicated that the tissue of the vas deferens included in the sample of the hernia sac: an unwanted vasectomy, ”reads the lawsuit filed by the parents of the child, who collected the media Miami Herald.

“Having what is essentially an involuntary vasectomy at the age of 4 is an unacceptable outcome when a patient undergoes hernia repair surgery. In addition, the emotional and psychological effects of living with this knowledge are unfathomable, first for the parents and then for the child himself, “the lawyers point out.

future consequences

According to information presented by RCN Radiothe parents commented to the media that, “Although they apologized, full responsibility was not accepted.” And in addition, they claimed the difficult task they have to explain to their son the problem that he may have in the future due to this error.

However, the group of experts that advises those affected recommended explaining to the child about the accidental vasectomy when he is old enough to understand it, yes, with the help of a psychologist.

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