surprise products on sale. Such a thing has never been mentioned in Romania

You know Lidl rather from the grocery store with various by-products. But from now on you could say that you know Lidl and as a retailer with cars for sale.

The situation is already happening in Germany, where Lidl lists three cars that potential customers could take. It is not new from the chain of stores, but so far it has reduced activity in this area only in Germany.

The first attempt of the German retailer in the area of ​​car trade was in 2009, when the Fiat 500 model was available on the company’s website. The 1,000 cars on offer were bought in a few hours. After more than 10 years he returns.

What cars can you buy from Lidl in Germany

renault twingo lidl

If initially Lidl only had one car, now it has three from two big brands. It’s a Kia Stonic, a Renault Clio and a Renault Twingo. However, the company does not become a car dealer. As he notes, its partner in this business is Sixt, and the cars can only be bought on lease.

For comparison, in Romania, you can buy cars only through dealers, if you want a credit system, and so far no classic store has gone to this area. Possibly, if the demand exists in our country, Lidl or Kaufland will take this step.

Cars ordered in this way by those in Germany can either be delivered at home or picked up from a delivery point. Kia Stonic, for example, with 1.0 T-GDI engine and 100 hp has a monthly cost of 135 euros for a period of 48 months. The other two are a little cheaper. You can consult the offer here.

All three are from the middle zone. It will be an even bigger surprise if Lidl starts selling cars over 50,000 euros or starts selling electric cars. In Romania, for example, it already provides loading spaces.

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