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Updated 12/03/2020 at 00:34

Susy Díaz responded in a peculiar way to her former partner, after it was revealed that Walter Obregón was unfaithful to her and even ended the relationship on WhatsApp.

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In the program Magaly TV La FirmeSusy Díaz told about her relationship with businessman Walter Obregón and about the ampay where her ex is seen kissing another woman.

However, anticipating what was going to appear on Magaly Medina’s program, the businessman decided to write her a message by WhatsApp Susy Díaz ending the relationship.

“When we returned from Panama, I decided to travel alone. I did not feel as good as before, excuse me I was ahead of everything, I was about to travel to your house tomorrow to make things clear between us, but it is too late. I hereby apologize, if I did not make things clear “, wrote the businessman trying to justify himself.

Given this, Susy Díaz replied to her ex: “Okay, then I’ll go out with someone else.”

Susy Díaz: Walter Obregón ends the relationship

The animator of events said that as soon as they found out that she is single again, she has been receiving proposals from suitors


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