Switzerland – Reproduction rate exceeds 0.8 again

The Federal Office of Public Health announced on Saturday that the reproduction rate in Switzerland had once again crossed the 0.8 mark.

Minister of Health Alain Berset, speaking with government spokesman and vice-chancellor André Simonazzi.

Photo d’illustration/AFP

The pandemic resumed in Switzerland after a slight slowdown in mid-January. After announcing on Friday a reproduction rate (R-value) of 0.79 for January 12, theFederal Office of Public Health (OFSP) announced on Saturday a value of 0.84 for January 13.

This information published on the FOPH website destroys the hopes expressed last Friday, namely that the number of cases could be reduced by half every two weeks.

The last time the reproduction rate fell below 0.8 was between November 6 and 12. The reproduction rate, which is known after a period of ten days, indicates how many people an infected person infects on average. According to that figure, 100 infected people infected 84 others on January 13.


Posted today at 4:45 p.m.

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