Synopsis “This love is Mr. Jung”

Synopsis “This love is Mr. Jung”

original script : Chinese novel
television script : Meatball, Sirikan Satcharitanan, Thanachot Praphasri, Teeraphat Lohanan
TV script control : Niphon Puenen, Phadung Samajarn
directing : Padung Samajarn
drama : romantic comedy
production director : Takonkiat Virawan, Niphon Phimnen
broadcast date : Every Saturday-Sunday at 21.30 via GMM25
broadcast duration : First episode, Saturday, June 5, 2021

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The story of Nam Khing (Aom-Suchhar), a young female accountant who works at Fah Prathankun Company, with Phaya Fahprathankun (Put-Phitthichai) sitting on the podium as the CEO who is known for her sophistication. one day ginger juice Received a hotline from the hospital to donate blood to Storm’s sister. with a blood type that very few people have But Nam Khing has the same blood type as Pao’s sister. After donating blood, Nam Khing always receives a food lunch box with a menu to nourish the blood from the storm. So she thought about what the storm had done. because he wanted to suck her blood To take it to my sister alone!! causing the ginger juice to start to disagree and tyrannical storm

Finally, the love story between the CEO, the most handsome young man and female accountant How will Jom Goh end up? How satisfied will you be to peck a pillow? You can watch it in “I love you, Master Jeong.”

list of actors
Puttichai Kasetsin : Storm
Suchar Manaying : Ginger Juice
Cholawit Meethong : Paween
Anis Suwit : Liu
Pitta Na Phatthalung: Lika
Natpawin Kulkalyadee : Wicha
Panisara Parinyarak : Nana
Sarucha Petchrot : Gina
Ratchapong Thiwathanaset : Beam
Wipada Moricchi: Wu
Benjasiri Wattana : Linda
Atchariya Phothipitthanakorn: May
Waraphan Nguytrakul: Mother Hen
Tee Dok Sadao : Father Joke
Prima Ratchata : Aunt Aoi
Yanee Tramote : Grandfather Jew


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