SZ series “Explain Your Sport”: Mohamed Mohumed – Sport

Go jogging in autumn and winter? If you want to keep fit, you can hardly avoid it during the Corona period. Mohamed Mohumed, German champion over 5000 meters, gives tips on how to deal with the cold.

Interview by Saskia Aleythe

The best sport is the one you do and like yourself – who would know that better than a professional athlete. They have turned their passion into a profession and hobby athletes can learn a lot: from the ideal arm posture for crawl swimming to accident-free braking while inline skating or the best strength training with your own body: “Explain your sport” asks the experts and helps, recreational sport still to do better. In the sixth part, Mohamed Mohumed, current German champion over 5000 meters, explains how to jog even in freezing temperatures, what stretching brings and which strength exercises bring runners forward the most.


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