Tafalla approves a loan of 265,000 euros for works

tafalla – The City Council of Tafalla gave the green light last Wednesday, during an extraordinary plenary session, to a credit modification to incorporate 265,000 euros into the accounts for this 2021, an amount that will go to carry out various works in the city.

The entire municipal corporation approved a modification of this year’s budget to be able to include the money in the 2021 items and to be able to undertake the tasks throughout this cycle. The municipal groups considered it necessary to include in the budgets of various investments in works and services, which are financed by the Government of Navarra. Specifically, the Tafalla City Council has received a grant of 200,000 euros, which it had to implement with a minimum municipal contribution of 15% of the aid, which would correspond to 30,000 euros. However, Tafalla’s contribution has been 65,000 euros, coming from the remaining treasury.

works to be carried out The investments that have been incorporated into this new item include the refurbishment of the bullring, specifically the adaptation of the facility for protection against fire, a task that has an expected cost of 92,000 euros. Another of the important interventions that are included in this budget item are those to be carried out on Olleta de Tafalla street, one of the roads that was affected by the floods. Specifically, 44,000 euros have been allocated to repair the damage caused by the catastrophe a year and a half ago.

Finally, it should be noted that there are also 18,200 euros for the drafting of a comprehensive accessibility plan, 48,400 euros for the replacement of the heat pump in the youth house, 10,000 euros for the lighting reforms in the polygon of the highway of Artajona, 20,600 euros for emergency lighting in the cultural center, 9,000 euros for the automation of the doors of the Kulturgunea, 14,200 euros for changing the lighting in the youth house and the replacement with LED lights and 8,600 euros for the change of the lights in the Ereta Sports Club.

Collaboration agreement In the same session, the collaboration agreement was approved in terms of programs and financing of the Basic Social Service between the Department of Social Rights and the inter-municipal group of Social Services in the Tafalla area. An agreement that will run until 2023 and the total financing amounts to 351,544 euros. The Primary Care programs implemented in the Social Service object of funding are the reception and social orientation program, the promotion of personal autonomy and care for dependent people, the social incorporation program in primary care and the care for children and families in primary care.

in detail

Main investments. The largest expense of this item is the one that is destined to the protection of the bullring against fire, an action that amounts to 92,000 euros. In addition, the works to be carried out on Calle Olleta, worth 44,000 euros, have also been included.

Financing. The money comes from a grant of 200,000 euros from the Government of Navarra and 65,000 euros from the remainder of the City Council’s treasury.

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