Update mobile phones with a budget not exceeding 12,000 baht for the month of March 2023

Come back to update the new mobile phone for March 2023 again, this time the team Let’s say Hitech Bring a mobile phone in a budget of no more than 12,000 baht that is interesting for you to choose first. Let’s see which models are worth buying and holding this month. POCO X5 5G A … Read more

Including mobile phones with a budget of not more than 8,000 baht, end of January 2023

Come back and meet with the mobile phone of the month again for the year 2023. There is still another good value mobile phone model with a low budget in the group, no more than 8,000 baht. Let’s explore which models are new and which how interesting Nokia X10 5G Let’s start with a mobile … Read more

Including mobile phones with a budget of not more than 10,000 baht that get 5G plus an outstanding camera, unbeatable at the end of 2022

Come back to meet the mobile integration from the team. Let’s say Hitech Again, in this round, whoever has money in the range of not more than 10,000 baht will have any mobile phone that has all 5G, good cameras and good games as a gift. Today we will go in depth with this mobile … Read more

NETA showcases electric vehicle innovations at the Motor Expo 2022, opening the price of NETA V at 599,000 baht.

Friday 02 December 2022 NETA reflects its standpoint “Popularizer of Smart EV: Creating Electric Vehicle Innovation for Everyone”, revealing the advancement of electric vehicle technology to another level with “Hozon Intelligent Technology” and bringing NETA S, the ultimate electric vehicle. 100% outstanding with advanced driving assistance technology with intelligent connectivity, showcasing at the Thailand International … Read more