Toys, Books, and More: Your Ultimate Resource for Family-Friendly Products at Médiacité

2023-09-18 18:00:00 ************** ***** *** *** ************ ** ******* *********** **** ** *********** *** *** ***** ** ****** ********** ********** ******* ************ ******** ******** *************** *********** ***** ********* **** ******** ** ** ********* **** ** ** ***** *** *** ************ ********* ************ ******* *********** ** ******** ********** ****** **** ***** ** ******** ** ******* ******* … Read more

Russian companies recovered 4.7 billion rubles from foreign IT vendors

2023-09-14 23:05:10 Russian distributors and integrators who provide wholesale supplies of software and hardware to Russian customers have achieved recoveries from foreign manufacturers who have left the country in the amount of more than 4.7 billion rubles. on 43 claims. Such conclusions were made by specialists from the law firm MEF Legal, after analyzing the … Read more

100% Guaranteed Diet: Expert Reveals Revolutionary Weight Loss Method

2023-08-31 16:41:55 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Preventive medicine consultant, Dr. Ali Al-Haddad, revealed a 100% guaranteed diet for weight loss. And he said during an interview with the “Mahfoof” program: “Every 3 hours you eat one item, which will be a convenient way, meaning that every 3 hours you eat one item according to your taste.” He … Read more

Budget-friendly Middle Eastern Cuisine: Learn How an Egyptian Young Man Makes a Filling Meal for 1,000 Riyals

2023-08-23 10:21:52 Al-Marsad Newspaper: An Egyptian young man documented a video clip of buying and filling a whole flatbread with rice, in addition to marqooq, groats, and fat soup, for only 1,000 riyals. In the clip, the young man said that he went to the construction market in Al-Batha, lowered the price from the seller, … Read more

Realme 11 Pro + 5G: A Global Sensation in Design and Performance

2023-07-23 03:00:00 realme goes global There is a design collaboration with world-renowned brands such as GUCCI through the design lines of Mr. Matteo Menotto, whose machine design is inspired by the beauty of Milan. all camera lenses want to convey the rising sun with beige color from the sunlight that shines on the buildings of … Read more

Russia’s Massive Troop Buildup in Northeastern Ukraine: Latest Updates and Analysis

2023-07-17 21:31:21 Russia has assembled more than 100,000 troops to launch an offensive in northeastern Ukraine. (Schematic diagram/Dazhi image) Ukrainian military officials said on Monday that Russia has assembled a large army to launch an offensive in the Kupiansk region of northeastern Ukraine, where heavy fighting is raging. “For two consecutive days, the enemy has … Read more