Samsung announces a 200MP imaging sensor

Country: Samsung announced the latest imaging sensor “ISOCELL HP2” with a huge resolution of 200 megapixels, and it is characterized by the support of “enhanced pixel technology, and the full ability to capture stunning images in leading smartphones.” Samsung said that the new ISOCELL HP2 imaging sensor includes 200 million pixels, each measuring 0.6 micrometers, … Read more

PlayStation Store SALE: Over 3,200 games and DLCs up to 90% off in the January Super Sale!

While the consequences End of year offers end this Thursday, PlayStation Store is about to hit even harder this Christmas week. He has just opened the January Super Promowith offers valid until January 7 at 12:59 a.m. that simply concern more than 3,200 PS4, PS5 and PSVR. Fancy a Riders Republic at €20.99? of a … Read more

which brands are winning the 200 megapixel race

The battle for megapixels (MP)which at one time hypnotized the designers of reflex cameras, occurs again in another segment: that of smart phones. Motorola launched this year the first cell phone with a 200 MP sensor and Xiaomi just presented a similar one. Meanwhile, Samsung is preparing to make the leap with the Galaxy S23. … Read more

they put together 200 thousand photos in one

An astrophotographer and a planetary scientist spent 9 months to assemble it. The result is amazing. astrophotographer Andrew McCarty and the planetary scientist Connor Matherne they took more than 200 thousand photographs of the Moon in a single night with the aim of capturing the smallest details of its surface and colors. The result is … Read more

Yape will deliver credits between S/ 150 to S/ 200 in a single installment on the App starting this month | Economy

The Yape applicationof BCPready for July 19 a new functionality that will allow granting microcredits between S/ 150 to S/ 200 with automatic disbursement in a single installment. The company estimates grant more than 60,000 of these loans in the next three months. Raimundo Morales, general manager of Yape, explained that users will be able … Read more