Who is the Iraqi “Sheikha Umm Fahd” who sparked controversy by appearing in the Gulf Championship 25, accompanied by a government car?

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Iraqi businesswoman, Sheikha Um Fahd, sparked controversy after appearing in the final match of the 25th Gulf Championship in Basra. a celebration And Umm Fahd appeared, in one of the video clips, while she was celebrating to the tune of music as she entered the “Palm Trunk” stadium in Basra in the … Read more

Viagra reduces the risk of premature death by 25% • Al Marsad Newspaper

Exclusive translation: A recent study, at the University of Southern California, revealed the effect of Viagra on improving blood flow to the arteries of the heart and transporting oxygen throughout the body. The study found, according to the New York Post, that the men who used these drugs also had a longer life expectancy, and … Read more

Kazem El Saher attends the Gulf 25 opening ceremony

The Iraqi artist, Kazem El Saher, arrived yesterday in Iraq in order to participate in the opening ceremony of Khaleeji 25 today, according to what was shared by a large number of followers on social media. During the past few days, there were conflicting reports about Kazem El Saher’s participation in the Gulf 25 opening … Read more

Gran Turismo: the cult PlayStation saga is 25 years old, a special video to celebrate this anniversary

Monument of realistic racing games, Grand Touring marked several generations of followers of the genre. Today’s fans have fun with Gran Turismo 7 (available from €44.99 on Amazon.fr), regularly updated by Polyphony Digitaltitle whose quality comes from 25 years of experience from the Japanese studio. Grand Touring first of the name was indeed celebrating this … Read more

A work on blue spaces and coastal well-being applied to Salou receives a research award

This is a scientific article coordinated by the researchers Alba Font and Mata Nel lo The scientific article ‘Betting on blue spaces with a view to well-being tourism in coastal destinations: a mixed methodology with locals and tourists involvement’ involvement of residents and tourists) presented by the researchers Alba Font and Marta Nel lo, has … Read more