Drug Trafficking in Belgium: Statistics, Trends, and Analysis

2023-11-23 05:38:00 Around 60,000 people were therefore involved, between 2019 and 2022, in Belgium, in cases of drug trafficking (or psychotropic drugs). We are therefore not talking here about consumption, but rather about import, export or sale (deal). The two years when the number of arrests was the highest, these were the two years most … Read more

Potter County Commissioners’ Court Meeting Agenda, November 7-9, 2023

2023-11-11 19:36:41 Monday Potter County Commissioners’ Court 9 a.m.: Potter County Commissioners’ Courtroom, 500 S. Fillmore, Room 106 Budget amendments for fiscal year 2023-2024 regarding the hiring of temporary help for Judge Jones, JP #4; consider and act upon modifications to the Tax Reporting Agreement for the optional short term disability benefit offered by Mutual … Read more

Danone Launches Exclusive 6-Week Alpro Plant Promotional Campaign in Belgium, With Prices as Low as 2 Euros!

2023-11-05 10:45:31 It’s a surprise and very good news for all Belgian customers! As written RetailDetail on its website, Danone has decided to strike hard in our country. To boost its Alpro plant category, the brand is launching a six-week promotional campaign in our country. of videos To do this, Danone communicates a maximum price … Read more

Debate Between Real Estate Specialists: Appropriate Monthly Income for Renting an Apartment in Northern Riyadh

2023-10-12 22:33:11 Al-Marsad newspaper: The episode of the “Yahla” program, broadcast yesterday on the Rotana Khalijiya channel, witnessed a dispute between real estate specialists Sultan Al-Jabali and Matar Al-Shammari over the appropriate monthly income for a person who wants to rent an apartment in northern Riyadh. Sultan Al-Jabali said that the appropriate monthly income for … Read more

The Last of Us multiplayer game will have lobbies of up to 40 players

2023-10-11 14:45:00 The Last of Us Online, the provisional name by which the multiplayer video game being developed by Naughty Dog is known, is not exactly going through easy development. Last week it was reported that the development of the title would be frozen, in addition to the fact that the Californian studio would have … Read more

Insights on the Construction Sector in Saudi Arabia: Foreign Workers, Local Employment, and Gender Disparity

2023-08-06 18:56:34 The General Organization for Social Insurance has released figures that more than twenty five lakh people are working in the construction sector in Saudi Arabia. Eighty five percent of them are foreigners. Three and a half lakh natives are employed in the construction sector. The report was published based on figures from the … Read more