Watch..A citizen of Hail gives up his son’s killer for 5 million instead of 40 million…and reveals the reason for that!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented the citizen Abdullah Hamid Al-Shammari’s renunciation of his son’s killer, in response to the governor of the Hail region, … Read more

Details of the investigation into the disbursement of 40 million riyals as “allowances” to employees of the “Taif Health” employees… and the ministry vows to take this action

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Ministry of Health is investigating the case of disbursing allowances exceeding 40 million riyals to employees of health affairs hospitals in Taif. … Read more

A story that took place in the south of the Kingdom.. A woman married her cousin a few days after her divorce and gave birth to a son, and when he reached the age of 40, the surprise was!

Al-Marsad newspaper: The narrator, Abdullah Al-Mukhalid, told the story of a woman who married her cousin days after her divorce in the south of the … Read more