Abdel Moneim Sabry’s defense before pronouncing the verdict: the friend of the artist who planned the fraud

2023-09-05 07:44:00 Salim wrote on Tuesday, September 05, 2023 10:44 AM Hours are down Mokattam Misdemeanor Court Today, Tuesday, in the South Cairo Court, the curtain on the case of accusing 10 people of defrauding the artist, Sabri Abdel Moneim, in the amount of one million and 900 thousand pounds, the value of an apartment … Read more

High-Ranking Website: Exposing a Notorious Gang’s Extortion Crimes in Giza Governorate

2023-09-01 00:00:00 Ahmed Ismail wrote Friday, September 01, 2023 03:00 AM At certain moments, some outlaws delusional that they are above punishment and think that with what they possess of firearms, ammunition and a number of men, they can flee from the lawmen all the time, and the seventh day reviews in the following lines … Read more

Watch the Al-Nasr and Al-Shabab Match Live in the Arab Club Championship Today

2023-07-28 18:00:00 Watch the Al-Nasr and Al-Shabab match broadcast live in the Arab Club Championship today the weekWatch.. Al-Sabhan reveals his expectations for the outcome of the Al-Nasr match with Al-Shabab, and who will score sport.al-marsd.comKora Live Now, watch the Al-Nasr and Al-Shabab match, broadcast live, the second half, Yalla Shot, today, Twitter, in the … Read more

Shocking Incident: Elderly Woman Commits Murder-Suicide by Beating Sister with Wooden Stick – Fate of Accused Revealed in Court

2023-07-21 21:00:00 A shocking incident took place in Al-Qalyubia Governorate, after an “elderly” woman committed suicide Murder Her sister, using a wooden stick, before the prosecution decided to detain her pending investigations, and in the following lines, the seventh day reveals the fate of the accused before the court. Article 236 of the Penal Code … Read more

Cabaret Accident in Dakahlia: 10 People Injured, Intensive Care Transfers – Latest Updates

2023-07-08 00:42:00 Dakahlia – Sherif El Deeb – Mohamed El Habashi Saturday, July 08, 2023 03:42 AM 10 people were injured, between serious and moderate, and 3 were transferred to intensive care, after a game fell inside a cabaret in the resort of Gamasa, Dakahlia Governorate, while they were inside, and the injured were transferred … Read more

Cheating, Fraud, and Annulment of Marriage: A Wife’s Lawsuit Exposes the Truth

2023-07-03 02:00:00 Written by Asmaa Shalaby Monday, July 03, 2023 05:00 AM A wife filed a lawsuit for annulment of marriage, against her husband, before the Family Court in Heliopolis, accusing him of cheating, fraud, and fraud to complete his marriage to her, to confirm: “He falsified medical examinations for fear that I would discover … Read more