ALL NEW HONDA ACCORD 2023 11th generation

2023-09-29 23:39:17 ALL New HONDA ACCORD 2023-2024 Honda Accord E:Ace IV new sport premium flagship sedan. Comes with a hybrid engine New HONDA ACCORD 2023-2024 The Honda Accord is one of Honda’s most important cars with a long history. The development of the new Accord, the 11th generation, comes with modern technology and state-of-the-art amenities. … Read more

Le Boomerang: The Fight to Practice Our Profession – The Story of Frédéric and Séverine

2023-08-08 11:14:13 It was via social networks that Frédéric Lentz (45 years old) and Séverine Schmitz (35 years old), his wife, announced the bad news: “We are heartbroken to see the relentlessness of certain people to see us leave so that we had a great clientele. We just wanted the right to practice our profession; … Read more

Belgian Apartment Sale Controversy: The Story of Céline and the Reluctant Tenant

2023-07-30 17:00:00 The Belgian has a brick in his stomach. So when Céline came across an apartment at a very interesting price almost 17 years ago, the Tournaisian woman jumped in and bought it. A few years later, she entrusted the rental to a social real estate agency (AIS). Everything seemed to be going well … Read more

Optimal Care for Patients: The Future of Hospital Sites and Health Centers in Province

2023-07-19 12:18:14 François Huberty, provincial president of Les Engagés, was satisfied with the decision of Ministers Borsus and Tellier on the appeal brought by Vivalia last spring, with a view to obtaining the single permit necessary for the construction of the Houdemont site. “Nevertheless, specifies the Provincial President, we must take into account the concerns … Read more

Scandal among Charleroi firefighters: Commander Piérart’s Controversial Appointment

2023-07-19 17:02:07 To fully understand what we are talking about here, you have to go back almost a year. During a meeting of the college, the body bringing together several mayors from the region responsible for supervising the Hainaut-Est rescue zone, the tone was strongly raised between the elected officials and Commander Fabrice Piérart, about … Read more

Abolition of Line 74 at Juprelle: De Lijn Decision and Collective Transport Authority of Wallonia

2023-07-17 18:00:00 Abolition of line 74 at Juprelle: De Lijn could not take this decision without the agreement of the Collective Transport Authority of Wallonia Glimmer of hope in the case of the abolition of line 74 by De Lijn at Juprelle. The company could not make such a decision without permission. Everything is not … Read more