The West “ready to plunge the whole world into the abyss of war”, accuses Russia at the UN

“In their desire to inflict a defeat on Russia in any way possible, it is not only Ukraine that they can sacrifice, they are ready to plunge the whole world into the abyss of war,” he said. said the Russian ambassador to the UN, who represented his country at this special meeting of the Assembly … Read more

Moscow accuses the United States of getting “directly” into the conflict

Ukraine and its Western allies are engaged in “fast-track” talks on the possibility of equipping the invaded country with long-range missiles and military aircraft, a Ukrainian presidential aide said on Saturday. Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, said Ukraine supporters in the West “understand how the war is unfolding” and the need to … Read more

he confused the journalist who accused him of rape with one of his ex-wives

The former president of the United States made the mistake when facing a lawsuit for sexual assault and defamation. Donald Trump he mistook journalist E. Jean Carroll, who accused him of rape in the 1990s, for his ex-wife Marla Maples. This is revealed by a judicial document of a statement made in October that was … Read more

Now César Milani accused sectors of the Navy of carrying out “illegal espionage”

In this way, the former head of the Army tried to detach himself from the accusations against him. And he said that those retired admirals that he did not identify are behind the chat leak of the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Marcelo D’Alessandro. The former head of the Army Cesar Milani tried to get … Read more

The male star who once protected Selina from “serious burns” was bombed: Do you still have the face to film? | Entertainment | CTWANT

Chinese actor Yu Haoming collaborated with Selina (Ren Jiaxuan) in the TV series “Love in Spring” in 2010. He had an accident in the explosion scene. At that time, he used his body to protect the woman, causing 39% of his body to be burned and scalded. That Year the Flowers Bloomed and the Moon … Read more

Watch.. an old story of the owner of a “shop” in Najd, his friend accused the farmer of stealing his money… and after the latter returned the money to him, he was surprised by what he did not expect.

Al-Marsad newspaper: The narrator, Abdullah Al-Mukhalid, told the Al-Ajaweed program on Al-Majd channel, the story of a shop owner who accused his friend who visited him and traveled suddenly of stealing his money, and on the day it was returned to him, he did not expect this to be the end. He thought his friend … Read more