The latest work of X PLUS Games / Sonzai Games “Bat Boy” will be released on Kickstarter on July 13th! Sports hero action! ??

“Bat Boy” is a sports-themed side-scrolling 8-bit action-adventure game. The main character, Ryosuke, is a story about using baseball skills and a bat as weapons … Read more

“Crazy Raccoon” “NOR THEPTION” “ZETA DIVISION” will participate in the VCT Playoff Finals held at Saitama Super Arena!

The three teams will compete in the world tournament “2022 VCT Stage2 Masters” scheduled to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from July 10th to 24th … Read more

“Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium” will be delivered on July 22nd (Friday)! Pre-order starts today!Release of recorded titles and original functions at once | Press release of Capcom Co., Ltd.

Includes Capcom’s popular arcade gamesThe second project “Capcom Arcade 2nd stadium』But7month 22Day(Money)Delivery decision!As with the previous work, the masterpieces gathered together with the same nostalgia … Read more

Brave group, which develops business in the Metaverse area, raised 1.37 billion yen in anticipation of business expansion and global expansion. Cumulative procurement amount is 2.3 billion yen. | Press release of Brave group Co., Ltd.

​ Raised 1.37 billion yen as Series C (cumulative raised amount to 2.3 billion yen) Brave group is a virtual music production “RIOT MUSIC” (, … Read more

XYLITOL x BTS “Smile to Smile Project” 2nd year, 2022 new key visuals unveiled! We have also decided to launch new TV commercials, campaigns, and new products. | Press release of Lotte Co., Ltd.

◆ XYLITOL × BTS “Smile to Smile Project” 2022 new key visual Lotte Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) will release a new key visual for … Read more

Monster breeding simulation game “LINE: Monster Farm” Opening movie full of world view and characters appearing | LINE Co., Ltd. press release

Official site: “LINE: Monster Farm” is a monster breeding simulation game that will be revived as a completely new work of “Monster Farm”. The player … Read more

One new member from VTuber / Virtual Liver Group “Nijisanji” has joined! Activities will start today from Saturday, May 21, 2022! | ANY COLOR Co., Ltd. Press Release

A new member “Ichi Hyakuman Tenbara Salome” has entered as a Nijisanji river! First delivery on May 24, 2022 (Tuesday)! One new river, “Ichi Hyakuman … Read more

NIJISANJI EN “Luxiem Half Anniversary Goods” will be on sale at the EN store and Niji store at the same time! | ANY COLOR Co., Ltd. Press Release

“Luxiem Half Anniversary” will be on sale at the EN store and Niji store! From “NIJISANJI EN”, “Luxiem Half Anniversary Goods” will be released to … Read more