“12 weeks of total displacement, what should I do”… Orphan, hospitalized with sacral fracture

2023-09-08 05:27:00 Actor Go Ah-seong suffered a sacral fracture and was injured for 12 weeks. On the 8th, Go Ah-seong posted a picture of her hand with the background of the hospital along with the words “12 weeks of total replacement, what should I do” on her SNS. Offline – SBS News Fans continued to … Read more

Amendments to Labor System Violations and Penalties: Reduced Fines and Increased Safety Measures

2023-08-12 06:55:53 Al-Marsad newspaper: The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced that it had made amendments to the schedule of violations and penalties of the labor system and its implementing regulations, which included reducing all fines by rates that exceeded 60%, and reached up to 80%, according to the classification of the establishment … Read more

Twitter’s Rebrand as “X” Sparks Security Concerns and Potential Legal Challenges

2023-07-30 05:53:27 After Twitter changed its name to “X”, it was found that it was judged as a risky service by Microsoft Edge, which may lead to issues such as material adjustments, traffic reduction, and may even lead to related brand lawsuits. “After Twitter changed its brand name to “X”, in addition to facing problems … Read more

Surge in Bank Interest Rates on Savings Following SNB Hike: Why the Sudden Rush?

2023-06-23 11:52:00 When the SNB initiated the turnaround in interest rates with its first hike in May last year, most banks still took a long time to follow suit with their interest rates on savings. That was completely different with the latest rate hike. After the base rate hike Swiss National Bank (SNB) by 25 … Read more

“Access Controller by Sony: An Inclusive and Modular Controller for Gamers with Disabilities”

2023-05-18 16:20:03 The Access controller can be used alone for PlayStation 5, or it can be used with another set of Access controllers or DualSense controllers to meet the needs of people with different disabilities. Sony announced during CES 2023 earlier this yearBarrier-free controller “Project Leonardo”it was confirmed earlier that “Access Controller” (Access Controller) will … Read more

“Unreal Engine 5.2 Update: Improved Efficiency for Mac Models with Apple Silicon Processors”

2023-05-13 04:48:03 Other updates of Unreal Engine 5.2 include the automatic generation of large scenes and the Substrate function to create textured materials, making the appearance and texture adjustment of virtual scenes faster and maintaining realistic visual effects. Epic Games released the Unreal Engine 5.2 version update earlier, which will allow the new version of … Read more