Health Network “Warning in the mouth!Doctor: You can see 5 symptoms of disease-Instant News-Free Health Network

Physicians said that when oral hygiene habits become poor, it may be a sign of cognitive decline, so we should pay more attention; the picture shows the situation. (picture taken from freepik) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Did you know that physical diseases can be detected from the mouth? In this regard, Fan Gangxin, Director of the Dental … Read more

Low-dose naltrexone has 4 major effects and can improve symptoms of new crown | Cancer | AIDS | Immunity

now,ChoshinkanBecome the main burden of society, is there any medicine to treat the new crown?Studies have found that low dosesnaltrexonerightChoshinkanTreatment is beneficial. First of all, we have to mention an example of naltrexone in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Claudia Ann Christian is a famous American actress. She has been addicted to alcohol … Read more

USA and Japan are sounding the alarm: is a new wave of STDs coming?

The US and Japan are sounding the alarm Is a new wave of STDs coming? By Martin Schmitz 10/09/2022, 6:31 p.m In the 1990s, the numbers of sexually transmitted diseases in this country were stable. After that they increased. Industrialized countries are now registering exploding numbers internationally – especially in the case of syphilis. Which … Read more

Virus shortly before species jump?: Possible HIV successor discovered in monkeys

Virus shortly before species jump? Possible HIV successor discovered in monkeys By Jana Zeh 10/04/2022 10:54 am A virus spreads among different species of monkeys. It triggers the so-called hemorrhagic fever and costs the lives of many animals. Researchers are examining the pathogen more closely and are emphatically warning of a possible further development. A … Read more

Cow spit lubricant is said to prevent HIV and herpes

It sounds strange: Can an infection with HIV and herpes viruses be prevented in the future without a condom? Swedish scientists have found an alternative that should protect against sexually transmitted diseases. The secret weapon: cow drool. Researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm have developed a lubricating gel based on cow spit … Read more