USA: 36 injured by turbulence on flight to Honolulu – Panorama

Weather warning for thunderstorms Turbulence is air movement that occurs unexpectedly and can be caused by cold and warm weather fronts, thunderstorms, jet streams, and also heavy and slow-flying aircraft. According to the New York Times, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Honolulu said that at the time of the turbulence – around … Read more

USA: Pilot threatens to crash in a department store in Mississippi – arrest – Panorama

Tupelo/Washington – A pilot threatened to crash a small plane on a department store in the US state of Mississippi on Saturday. After several hours in the air, police managed to get the man to land in a field near the small town of Tupelo. “We are glad the situation has been resolved and no … Read more

Baggage theft: Florida airport employee AirTagged

Baggage stolen at the airport with contents valued at over $16,000 has been recovered in Florida using Apple’s AirTags ultra-wideband trackers. An employee of a subcontractor of the airline Delta Air Lines had stolen the suitcases and then taken them home. They were followed to his street via the “Where is?” app. AirTag as key … Read more

canceled flights, scenes of chaos… behind the scenes of the great summer mayhem

Hundreds of suitcases piled up in the arrivals hall of Terminal 3 at Frankfurt Airport (Germany), May 5, 2022. BORIS ROESSLER/dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP STORY – The resumption of traffic has been severely disrupted. Many travelers have experienced a nightmarish summer. Have the actors of air transport had the eyes bigger than the belly? This … Read more

Chaos at Amsterdam Airport: KLM wants to improve punctuality

The work pressure at the airport is unrelenting at the moment, with both Schiphol and KLM facing staff shortages. The measures taken by KLM are aimed at restoring operational stability and thereby relieving the strain on the staff at Schiphol and KLM. We are canceling 10 to 20 daily return flights to European destinations until … Read more

Fraport and TAV make advance payment for new operating concession at Antalya Airport

Fraport and TAV make advance payment for new operating concession at Antalya Airport

The upfront payment of EUR 1.8125 billion represents 25 percent of the total concession fee of EUR 7.25 billion (excluding VAT) payable over the entire concession period from early 2027 to late 2051. On December 1, 2021, the two companies were awarded the new operating concession at Antalya Airport in a bidding process. The joint … Read more