Chinese doors are opening – Newspaper Kommersant No. 2 (7447) of 10.01.

China lifted restrictions on entry into the country on Jan. 8, imposed at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. The new rules apply to both arrival at the country’s international airports and border crossings at land and sea checkpoints. The measures continue the course announced in early December to weaken the “zero tolerance” regime for … Read more

Will it be allowed to sell alcohol in duty-free shops inside the Kingdom’s airports? .. “Zakat and customs” you answer

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority answered a question about allowing the sale of alcohol in duty-free shops at the Kingdom’s airports. The authority said through the Ask Zakat account on Twitter that alcohol is one of the substances that are not allowed to be sold in free markets, according to the rules … Read more

Sudden turbulence causes serious injuries on flight to Hawaii

A full flight from Phoenix to Honolulu suffered severe turbulence, injuring 35 people, 11 of them seriously. Watch videos of what the plane looked like after the crash. Christian Garavaglia Meteored Argentine here 3 min Thirty-six people were injured sunday 18, including 11 seriously, when a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Phoenix to Honolulu a subi … Read more

Chancellor Scholz: “highly dangerous”: Climate adhesives are threatened with lawsuits | Regional

Berlin – Now the Federal Chancellor intervenes! A few days after the BER occupation, Olaf Scholz (64, SPD) sharply attacks the actions of the climate activists. “They are not only incomprehensible, but also extremely dangerous, as you could see with the activities at BER, for example,” he said at the state party conference of the … Read more

Discovered by airport security: Cat accidentally travels in suitcase | News

The cat wasn’t let out of the bag here, but out of the suitcase. Air travelers often carry strange things in their luggage. But what security officials discovered in a suitcase at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport was not what they saw. When the black trolley for the trip from New York to … Read more

In the run-up to the summer season, Brazil once again imposes the use of chinstraps in airports and planes due to the increase in Covid cases

The health authorities specified that in the first days of November the number of cases exceeded 95,000. In the preview of a new summer season, Brazil will re-impose from next Friday the use of chinstraps in airports and planes due to the increase in coronavirus infections, according to a new order imposed by the health … Read more