free practice sessions with Sainz and Alonso live

2023-09-22 03:44:01 0 22/09/2023 and las 04:30 CEST Free training sessions for the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix live and online ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT ON DAZN AND FOLLOW THE EXCITEMENT OF FORMULA 1 Follow live and online, today, Friday, September 22, the first two free practice sessions of the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix. … Read more

Alonso’s Explosive Power: The Battle for Home Run King Heats Up in August

2023-08-21 01:11:00 [Sports Center/Comprehensive Report]The battle for the home run king is on track! The Metropolitan heavy artillery “Polar Bear” Alonso (Pete Alonso) exploded again today, knocking out the 9th bombing in August and the 39th bombing of this season. Alonso’s firepower began to heat up. Today, he fired in the first half of the … Read more

Arturo Vidal: Responding to Allegations and Accusations – Latest Updates and Clarifications

2023-07-20 02:56:12 Arturo Vidal responded to the series of accusations that have weighed on him this Wednesday through social networks and through various entertainment media that have reproduced the complaints. In particular, those presented by his ex-wife and mother of his children, Marité Matus, as well as a cousin of the King who came out … Read more

“Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix: Live Updates, Results, and Broadcast Info”

2023-05-07 19:10:00 Last weekend at the Formula 1 race in Azerbaijan, Sergio Perez showed the competition the taillights and crossed the finish line as the first driver. Will his teammate Max Verstappen make a comeback in Miami? What are Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) doing? And can Fernando Alonso surprise again in the … Read more

Nico Hülkenberg: This is how his boss Gene Haas / Formula 1 ticks

​This January 31, Haas is showing how Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen’s 2023 race car will be painted. But who is actually the American racing team owner Gene Haas? Haas F1 will soon show the colors in which the 2023 Grand Prix car of German Nico Hülkenberg and Dane Kevin Magnussen will appear. When the … Read more

The secret of happiness, according to Mario Alonso Puig

Is there really the happiness? Can we talk about happiness with capital letters or should we rather refer to the “happy moments” of life? In this new episode of ‘Wellness Alphabet’ podcast journalists Laura Pintos and Raquel Alcolea talk about what it really means to be feliz with the doctor Mario Alonso Puig. Mario Alonso … Read more