Updates on Bilateral Talks between Iran and Kuwait over Dorra Gas Field & President Raisi’s Potential Visit to Saudi Arabia

2023-07-10 12:14:17 Al-Marsad newspaper: Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said, on Monday, that his country is following up the issue of the Dorra gas field with the Kuwaiti authorities within the framework of bilateral talks between the two countries, according to the Iranian News Agency (IRNA). Kanani responded to a question during a press … Read more

Affordable House for Sale in Riyadh – Al-Marsad Newspaper Reveals Exclusive Details

2023-06-15 13:01:16 Al-Marsad Newspaper: An interested in real estate published a video clip in which he revealed that he offered a house for sale in Riyadh at a price of 759 thousand riyals. And he said during the video: “A house in Riyadh at a price of 759 thousand,” indicating that the price is 909 … Read more

“NEOM’s Green Hydrogen Company Reveals Completion Date for $8+ Billion Project – Al-Marsad Newspaper”

2023-05-24 18:15:34 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The head of the NEOM green hydrogen company, David Edmondson, revealed the date of completion and operation of the project, after the project received financing exceeding $8.4 billion. He said during an interview with Al-Ikhbariya channel: “We expect that hydrogen production will be carried out at the facility, by the end … Read more

“Unified Recruitment Door for Military Jobs in Saudi Armed Forces: Ranks, Branches, and Requirements for 1444 AH”

2023-04-24 00:40:11 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Ministry of Defense announced the opening of the unified recruitment door for the coming period of 1444 AH, for military jobs from the rank of soldier to sergeant. ranks military 1- Soldier. 2 – First soldier. 3 – Corporal. 4- Undersecretary. 5 – Sergeant. forces armed And its branches 1- … Read more

Al-Marchoud reveals the latest developments in the health status of Al-Nasr goalkeeper Al-Aqidi and the date of his return to the stadiums!

Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Ali Al-Murshoud revealed the latest developments in the health condition of Al-Nasr goalkeeper, “Nawaf Al-Aqidi”, and the date of his return to the stadiums. Al-Murshood wrote through his official account on Twitter: “The young star Nawaf Al-Aqidi did not perform any operation, it is only a needle for the spine to … Read more

“Cold and lack are the basis of every ailment”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Meteorologist Dr. Khaled Al-Zaaq warned of the cold and its effect on the human body, referring to the old saying “cold and lack are the basis of every ailment.” Al-Zaaq explained that this adage means that the cold is one of the physical ailments of life, and that the public see it as … Read more