106 new places to study Medicine in Andalusian public universities

The Board asks the central government to guarantee the financing to expand the quotas and enable more MIR places The Andalusian universities will offer a total of 1,239 places next academic year to access the career of Medicine, which means 106 more places than those that were enabled for this course. All the Andalusian faculties … Read more

Championship of Spain The Algecireña Helena Montejo, champion of Spain children with Andalusia

The women’s children’s Andalusian teamof which the player of the BM City of Algeciras Helena Montejoit was posted this sunday the gold medal in the Spanish Championship of combined regional that has been held during the week in the province of Alicante. The men’s youth block, with the players of algeciras Adrian Perez and Gonzalo … Read more

The Veleta peak, the magic of the most emblematic mountain in Andalusia

Anyone who has never seen the silhouette of the Veleta peak from one of the corners of the Alhambra in Granada has missed one of the landscape compositions most beautiful and most photographed that exist in all of Europe. And it is that this mountain, whose silhouette is more than well-known, is without a doubt … Read more

Could Primary Care Disappear?

“In a few years Primary Care medicine will have disappeared”. It is the complaint that he makes from the Seville Medical Unionon president, Raphael Ojedaaccording to the data collected by Dr. Vincent Matasfrom the Medical Union of Granada, in an exhaustive study on the future of staff of family doctors and pediatricians in Primary Care. … Read more

Andalusian Computational Medicine Platform integrates bioinformatics and…

GRANADA, 7 (EUROPA PRESS) The Progreso y Salud Foundation, an entity dependent on the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs, has integrated two of its work areas into the recently established Computational Medicine Platform of the Andalusian Public Health System (SSPA), aimed at researching diseases from the data science perspective. The Board has explained through … Read more

José Manuel Puerta, doctor of the Virgen de las Nieves in Granada, appointed scientific director of the Biobank of Andalusia

José Manuel Puerta, doctor of the Virgen de las Nieves in Granada, appointed scientific director of the Biobank of Andalusia

The head of the medical section of the Hematology and Hemotherapy Day Hospital the University Hospital Virgen de las Nieves, José Manuel Puertahas just become the scientific director of the Biobanco of the Andalusian Public Health System. The appointment made by the Ministry of Health and Families comes to change the professor of Medicine Antonio … Read more