Australopithecus “Madame Ples”, South African cousin of Lucy

Australopithecus Lucy, discovered in Ethiopia, had a contemporary cousin living thousands of miles away in South Africa around 3.5 million years ago. A new dating … Read more

The electricity bill for the ice rink in Porrentruy takes the lift

The SIDP committee presented the 2021 accounts on Wednesday evening in Coeuve. They end up with a deficit of 136,000 francs while the budget provided … Read more

Fallen in disgrace, Woody Allen does not rule out stopping the cinema

Woody Allen has not ruled out that his next film, which will be shot in Paris, is the last. The 86-year-old director, disgraced after his … Read more

Germany: Purchasing power measures bring down inflation

Inflation slowed in June in Germany thanks to the purchasing power measures decided by the government in the field of transport, but remains at a … Read more

The 27 of the EU approve the end of thermal engines in 2035

The 27 EU Member States approved overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday the European Commission’s plan to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars in Europe to … Read more

Dufry and Autogrill confirm discussing merger

The specialist in duty-free shops Dufry in turn confirms the holding of discussions relating to a possible merger with the transalpine operator of Autogrill motorway … Read more

Experts in favor of an Omicron-specific vaccine recall

A committee of American experts ruled on Tuesday in favor of a vaccine recall specifically targeting the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2. This decision suggests a … Read more