Hamas Surrendering: Latest News and Updates from Israel

2023-12-10 11:58:43 Israel News ++ More and more Hamas terrorists are apparently surrendering ++ WELTWar in the Middle East: According to Israel, prisoners report that Hamas has lost touch with reality WEB.DE NewsHamas’ rule in the Gaza Strip is faltering: fighters surrender to Israel’s military fr.deIsrael: Media shows prisoners in underpants – are they Hamas … Read more

Crisis in the Gaza Strip: News and Updates from Ground Zero

2023-12-04 15:53:57 The Foreign Office has described the end of the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas as a bitter setback. This applies to the hostages who are being held in tunnels, as well as to the population in Gaza that is dependent on humanitarian aid and has to fear for their lives, said a spokesman … Read more

Hamas Tunnel System Uncovered Under Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip: Latest Updates and Developments

2023-11-22 22:22:16 The Israeli army says it has uncovered further parts of a Hamas tunnel system under the Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip. The military released videos and images on Wednesday evening showing additional entrances to tunnels as well as underground rooms and hiding places. The Israeli armed forces suspect that the largest hospital … Read more

”South African Parliament Votes to Close Israeli Embassy in Pretoria: Latest Developments in Israel-Palestine Conflict”

2023-11-21 18:49:46 The majority of the South African parliament voted to close the Israeli embassy in Pretoria. The corresponding motion received a majority of 241 MPs on Tuesday evening. The National Assembly has 400 members. President Cyril Ramaphosa has the final decision on closing the embassy. The request for the debate on the message was … Read more

Humanitarian Aid for Palestinians: Updates and News Coverage

2023-11-11 20:08:07 Israel live ticker: ++ Baerbock pledges a further 38 million euros in aid for Palestinian areas ++ WELTMiddle East war: Annalena Baerbock is campaigning for humanitarian ceasefires in Saudi Arabia Time onlineGermany increases aid for Palestinians | tagesschau.de tagesschau.deANNALENA BAERBOCK APPEALS IN ABU DHABI: Together for peace in Israel and the Palestinian territories … Read more

Gaza Strip Ground Operations: Israeli Armed Forces Take Control, Neutralize Threats, and Create Safe Escape Routes

2023-11-11 15:42:16 The Israeli armed forces say they have taken control of eleven Hamas military posts since the start of their ground operations in the Gaza Strip. The army has also killed other suspected terrorists in the coastal area in recent days and destroyed their tunnels, rocket launchers, weapons depots and observation posts, the military … Read more