Breaking News: Tragic Incident at Tomorrowland Festival | Exclusive Videos and Updates

2023-07-22 05:38:58 “It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of a member of our team,” said the organization of Tomorrowland, in a press release published overnight from Friday to Saturday and quoted by the media. According to the latter, help arrived quickly on the scene but could not do anything to save … Read more

Al-Ittihad Player Mohamed Nour Partners with Bonheur and AQ for Global Retirement Party in Saudi Sport

2023-07-17 08:51:53 Al-Marsad Sports, former Al-Ittihad player Mohamed Nour announced the signing of a contract to organize his retirement party with the companies “Bonheur” and “AQ”. Nour said through his Twitter account: God willing, it will be a global party that will keep pace with the great development and the beautiful reality of Saudi sport. … Read more

Inter Miami Revealed! Lionel Messi’s Salary, Ownership Stake, and Additional Revenues

2023-07-03 11:16:26 Al Marsad Sports – Calat: The owner of the American club, Inter Miami, Cuban Jorge Mas, revealed the salary that Argentine Lionel Messi, who joined the team this summer, will receive. “Messi will receive an annual salary of between 50 and 60 million euros,” Mas said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper … Read more

Exclusive: King of Expectations Reveals Next Al-Hilal Coach – Sports Observatory

2023-07-01 13:01:42 Sports Observatory: Hassan Al-Sabhan, known as the King of Expectations, revealed the name and image of the next Al-Hilal coach. Al-Sabhan said on his Twitter account: The Croatian coach of Al-Hilal, the Croatian coach Igor Tedor…. exclusively for you…. announced the leader’s retirement after this news. The Croatian coach of Al-Hilal, the Croatian … Read more

Al-Ittihad Club Non-Profit Organization Elections: Official Final List of Candidates Announced

2023-06-21 22:14:27 Sports Observatory: Al-Ittihad Club officially announced the final list of candidates for the club’s non-profit organization elections. The announced names included one list headed by Anmar Al-Haili, the current club president, and the full list came as follows: The final list of candidates for the presidency and membership of the board of directors … Read more

High Paying Project Manager Jobs in Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia – Earn 55,000 Riyals per Month

2023-06-14 22:21:26 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A British resident in Dubai revealed the availability of 10 “project manager” positions in one of the major projects in the Al-Ula region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and raised controversy due to the high monthly salary for these positions, which amounted to 55 thousand riyals. Al-Britani said in a … Read more