The Government Gazette announced the rules and conditions for ‘EV cars’ that seat no more than 10 people.

July 6, 2021 76 Government Gazette Publication of announcements prescribing rules and conditions for passenger cars or passenger cars that seat no more than 10 people, “EV” hybrid electric vehicle and electric powered vehicle (No. 2) on 6 g.c.64 Reporters reported that the websiteGovernment Gazette Publication of the Excise Department announcement on set guidelines and … Read more

Egypt news | Science and Technology / Two planets are 3 times larger than Earth… a new astronomical discovery announced by the American “NASA”

Subscribe to receive the most important news Details of the exciting astronomical discovery announced by the members of the Space Telescope Project Planet Hunters Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, known for short as the TESS probe, funded by NASA. Astronomers have found two gas giant exoplanets orbiting a distant sun-like star, called HD 152843, which is … Read more

Still hiding? The president of Nintendo of the United States hinted that the new Nintendo Switch Pro will be announced at the “appropriate” time #Doug Bowser (162441)

It seems that Nintendo is not in a hurry to launch a new game console, except that it may be due to the current tight supply of key components. At the same time, the existing Nintendo Switch still has a certain sales performance. Especially under the influence of the recent epidemic, it further promotes the … Read more

Bahraini Hind announces her marriage to a Lebanese basketball star

The Bahraini artist Hind published a video clip, in which she revealed her marriage to Karim Ezz El-Din, the Lebanese basketball player, and the Bahraini Sitra Club. Through the video, she expressed her love for him after a love story between them that lasted 3 years. The Bahraini Hind appeared in the video clip, which … Read more