Mauricio Macri was dismissed for espionage in the ARA San Juan case | The cameramen that the former president appointed now revoked his prosecution

The Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) followed, photographed and collected information on the relatives desperately seeking to know what had happened to the 44 crew members of an Argentine Navy submarine that sank days before returning to land. Those facts are not and never were in dispute. Nevertheless, For the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires, these … Read more

What is the Blue Hole that is in Argentina?

The Chamber of Deputies gave half approval to the bill creating a marine protected area “Blue Hole”, in the area where the remains of the submarine ARA San Juan lie. Due to its extraordinary marine biodiversity, this area of ​​the Argentine continental shelf is considered a food “supermarket” for various marine species. and it’s crossed … Read more

Mauricio Macri travels to Italy to play bridge and adds more miles | He also plans to go to Spain, the United States and Qatar

One of Mauricio Macri’s passions is playing bridge. No international competitions since October 2019, At the end of this month the World Cup will be played in Italy. The former president plans to travel there and, for this reason, he requested authorization from federal judge Julián Ercolini – who has the case of espionage to … Read more

Bad news for Macri: Judge Bava will continue to investigate the espionage of the families of the victims of the ARA San Juan | The Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata confirmed it

Mauricio Macri lost the game again in the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata. That court confirmed Judge Martín Bava at the head of the investigation for the espionage of the relatives of the 44 crew members of the ARA San Juan. The judge must now decide whether to prosecute Macri, who is traveling in … Read more

A short-legged maneuver: Mauricio Macri already has a date to return to Dolores to testify | Espionage of relatives of the ARA San Juan

Mauricio Macri will not be saved from a new trip to Dolores. After President Alberto Fernández signed the decree that relieves Macri of the duty to keep secrecy in intelligence matters that his defense invoked on Thursday to avoid advancing in the investigation, the federal judge Martín Bava cited him again for next Wednesday at … Read more

How Macri’s situation continues now that the majority complaint of Ara San Juan’s relatives requested his arrest | For not appearing for the espionage investigation

Judge Martín Bava must decide whether to declare in absentia and order the arrest of Mauricio Macri after the request What did one of the complaints after his decision not to appear for the investigation that was set for this Wednesday by the espionage of the relatives of the crew members of the ARA San … Read more