Crafton’s battle game deleted by Google in India by government order | Reuters

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Musk teases after withdrawing $ 44 billion of Twitter acquisition | Reuters

Eron Musk, CEO of Tesla, Inc., a major electric vehicle company, teased Twitter on the 11th that it warned that Twitter, a short-text posting site, … Read more

Apple introduces “lockdown mode” this fall as a countermeasure against spyware | Reuters

Apple announced on July 6 that it will introduce a new function “Lockdown Mode” this fall with the aim of strengthening measures to protect human … Read more

Apple’s January-March quarter, profits and sales hit record highs Impact of supply constraints expanding | Reuters

[Oakland (California, USA) 28th Reuters]–In the second quarter (January-March) financial results announced by Apple on the 28th, profits and sales reached record highs. While managing … Read more

Florida Senate Passes Disney “Autonomy” Deprivation Bill Retribution for LGBT Education Law Opposition | Reuters

On April 20, the Florida Senate introduced a bill to deprive the state of Orlando’s “Walt Disney World” of special tax incentives and special control … Read more

Netflix stock price plummeted by more than 30%, sharp drop for the first time in 18 years | Reuters

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Angle: Practical use of “AI explaining the reason”, possibility of drastic business change | Reuters

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Saki U.S. spokesman retires in a few weeks or is a candidate for successor.

Saki, a spokesman for the White House (pictured), is preparing to retire in the coming weeks, sources said. Taken in March (2022 Reuters / Leah … Read more

Angle: Mr. Trump’s political group, abundant financial power is also a mystery of “reluctance to put out” | Reuters

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Angle: “Quarantine Exemption”, Citizens’ Dissatisfaction Explodes on China’s Zero-COVID Policy | Reuters

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