Live it healthy

The Ministry of Health published, through the account of its awareness platform, “Live Healthy” on “Twitter”, that the factors that improve your mental health are based on “continuous learning, sports activity, giving, and healthy food.”And if we check what was published by the Ministry of Health, we find that mental health is one of the … Read more

Faced with the energy crisis, many self-employed people in Verviers are taking big measures

** ************************* **** ******* **** **** ***** *** ************ ** ******** ** ** **** ******* *** ********* *** ********* *** *** ******** ******* ******** ***** ****** ************* **** ***** ******** ** ** ******* ******* *** ******** **** ********** ************ ***** ** ********** ** ******** *********** **** ****** ** ************ ** ** *************** ** **** ******* … Read more

“The Diaspora of the ashes”, the unspeakable of the Holocaust

“We wanted to speak, to finally be heard. No sooner had we begun to tell than we were suffocating. To ourselves, what we had to say then began to seem unimaginable to us. writes Robert Antelme, survivor of a Nazi camp, in The humankind. It is this unthinkable that William Karel lets us hear and … Read more

Australia fire; Ashes retained; Bond Man of the Match | Sports | Deshabhimani

Melbourne Scotland were on fire and England were reduced to ashes three days later in the third Test. Australia retained the Ashes series with two matches remaining. In his debut Test, Boland took six wickets for seven runs, including a maiden, in four overs. Australia won the third Test by an innings and 14 runs. … Read more

Australia fans celebrate ‘Shui’ during Ashes; Police fire around 100 – News18 Malayalam

Melbourne: Controversial fan celebration during the third Test of the Ashes Test Series between Australia and England (AUS vs ENG). The controversy stems from the ‘Shoey’ celebration of pouring beer on a popular shoe in Australia. The fans’ celebration came after Australia beat England in the third Test of the Ashes to win the series. … Read more

Ashes: Australia retains Ashes title; England ash in Melbourne, Scoot Bolland six wickets

Melbourne VIC, First Published Dec 28, 2021, 10:05 AM IST Melbourne: Australia retained the Ashes series. The Aussies won the series after England suffered a humiliating defeat in the third Test. Australia won by an innings and 14 runs in Melbourne. The visitors needed more than 82 runs to win the toss and elect to … Read more