Social Tariff Bonus: Flanders Dominates & Tips for Checking Your Energy Bills

2023-11-14 04:00:00 Federal Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten will submit to the government a draft bill introducing a “social tariff” bonus. This text will make it possible to grant an annual bonus to families who do not have access to the social energy tariff because they heat themselves via a collective installation. Flanders dominates. … Read more

Egyptian Artist Sherif Helmy’s Health Crisis: Updates and Prayers for Speedy Recovery

2023-11-04 16:49:08 Egyptian artist Sherif Helmy suffered a health problem, as a result of which he was transferred to the hospital, in order to undergo surgery. His daughter, Heidi, announced the news of the health problem on her Facebook account, where she published a group of photos of her with her father in the hospital, … Read more

Syndicates Demand End to Handling Military Equipment for War in Palestine: Press Release Leaked

2023-11-03 00:00:00 This was initially only supposed to be a press release for use by employers in the sector and governments, but it was leaked to the press. It comes from the common union front CNE, UBT, Setca and Transcom and is entitled: “Refusal to handle military equipment intended for the war in Palestine”. Read … Read more

Understanding Heart Health: Assessing through Complexion, Tongue, and Nails – Insights from Traditional Chinese Medicine

2023-09-03 10:29:00 Yu Yawen, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, said that if you want to see if a person’s heart is healthy, you can judge it from the complexion, tongue, and nails. Because the heart is healthy, the blood circulation is naturally good, and it can be seen from the peripheral circulation; the picture shows … Read more

PTB Launches Great Survey: Get Citizen’s Opinions and Drive Change in Belgium | Unlimited Access for €4 – Join Now!

2023-08-24 11:43:35 The kick-off will be given in Seraing this Friday afternoon. “This major survey will have a decisive influence on our program”, launches the boss of the PTB, Raoul Hedebouw. “You have to go to the field to have the confidence of the citizens. We will go everywhere in Belgium, we will mobilize thousands … Read more

Addressing the Security Concerns at Brussels-Midi Station: Mayors of Anderlecht and Saint-Gilles Demand Action

2023-08-23 18:53:41 This Monday, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo brought together the various players in the file around the table to discuss the situation in and around the Brussels-Midi station. Unfortunately, this first meeting did not satisfy the mayors of Anderlecht Fabrice Cumps (PS) and his Saint-Gilles counterpart Jean Spinette (PS). ****** **** * ******** … Read more