The Unstoppable Fernando Alonso: An Exclusive Interview with Eurosport

2023-11-15 13:16:00 Fernando Alonso gave everything he had at the São Paulo Grand Prix. With a daring maneuver, the Spaniard pushed past Sergio Pérez on the last lap and climbed onto the podium for the first time since the end of August – for the eighth time this season. Whether in Hungary 2021, Monaco 2023 … Read more

Fernando Alonso: Life in Lugano and Preparations for the 2023 Las Vegas GP

2023-11-12 06:19:38 Fernando Alonso visited his country before competing in the 2023 Las Vegas GP, the penultimate race on the Formula 1 World Championship calendar, but the Spaniard had a pleasant encounter with the paparazzi who were waiting for his arrival in Spanish territory. For this reason, the Aston Martin driver did not hesitate to … Read more

Alonso’s Spectacular Overtake on Pérez Propels him to Third Place in Brazilian F1 Grand Prix

2023-11-06 02:51:00 The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) achieved a great overtake on the Mexican Sergio Pérez (Red Bull), in the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix, and that helped him achieve third position, the best he did this season. “If it wasn’t the best overtake this year, it was the closest thing to it. It … Read more

The Collision at Grand Prix of Sao Paulo: Review and Decision by Stewards

2023-11-04 17:55:00 The stewards of the Grand Prix of Sao Paulo reviewed the collision between Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso in the first session of sprint qualifying and concluded that neither driver could be fully held responsible for the incident. The stewards’ decision states that the team warned Fernando Alonso about the approach of Esteban … Read more

Fernando Alonso: Zero Tolerance for False Information in Formula 1

2023-11-02 18:03:32 Fernando Alonso is at the limit of patience: The Spanish driver will have zero tolerance for false or ill-intentioned information that is disseminated in the Formula 1 environment. In recent days, the version of an alleged movement that involved the Aston Martin steering wheel and Sergio Pérez emerged; That is, a hypothetical change … Read more

Lance Stroll’s Return to the Track: Aston Martin Confirms Participation in Japanese GP

2023-09-20 07:46:45 Lance Stroll will return to service. Four days after his violent crash at the start of the qualifying session for the Singapore Grand Prix, which prevented him from starting the race, the Canadian driver confirmed this Wednesday that he would be behind the wheel of his Aston Martin next weekend in Suzuka, to … Read more